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Decorative Plaster Cornice – Change Your Home Appearance

The finishing touch in a home is often beautiful plaster moldings and ornaments along the ceiling or around the fireplace. They can give your home that little bit more beauty with so romantic or modern atmosphere. There are many who still wish for the royal beauty and grace in their conventional homes, but few can deny that adding the best combination of moulding to a simple room can easily add style and stature.


There’s nothing except plaster cornice that can change an ordinary boring room or a home into WOW form. Finishing your house using a top quality trim moulding can be an investment that you’ll enjoy for a long time. As it is a good idea so take time to ensure that you select a product that you will love residing with for a, very long time.

Many people like the classic trim appearance with sleek unadorned surfaces, others choose the very lavish appearance of middle ages castles. Whatever your preference, you can find just the appropriate moulding to give your house the exact atmosphere that you like.

Decorative cornice and moulding is available in many different styles and many different materials, from Styrofoam to metal but normally made from wood or plaster. In house moulding hides ugly wall joints, and adds visual attraction to simple walls. You can set up moulding along walls, on the ceiling, around the floor, around fireplaces, around doors and windows and in all those particular locations where you can compose in your imagination.

Watch this video is the expert in plaster mouldings and ornaments. They have an extensive range of plaster cornices to suit any home or building decor.

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Contemporary Glass Staircases Sheffield By THESTAIRCOMPANYUK

Stairs are always a cause for attention by the functional part and also aesthetics. Anyone who has built or design buildings with more than one floor knows that the staircase occupies considerable space and becoming a big headache. Now you can repair your old and invasive stairs with contemporary glass staircases Sheffield. Apple stores were the first who take benefit with the modernity of glass staircases; it proves to the world that glass is no longer synonymous with weakness.

contemporary staircase

Repair or replace

A broken indoors staircase destroy the overall impression of a house and is an immediate danger. So replacing a broken staircase is usually expensive, so it may be wise to first examine whether the treads can be furnished with new cover plates or need to be replaced.

Good to know when to order a staircase

When you order an indoor staircases Sheffield or a manufacturer give you quotes, you must provide some basic information such as;

  • Make a scale drawing of the stairway, select the plan dimensions and the step width that apply.
  • Specify the Ladder type you want.
  • Make a sketch showing the stair height. Keep in mind that the headroom height should be at least 200 centimeters.
  • Give notice of the construction and how to plan the steps to be performed. Example of tread thickness is 32-42 millimeters with 3-5 millimeter coating.
  • Specify which material the stairs need to be constructed of and what quality class you want.
  • Specify materials, size and workmanship on railing, handrail and any baby gates.
  • Most manufacturers apply their own standard of fittings. You should indicate whether steps should be surface treated or not. 

Contemporary glass staircases Sheffield by THESTAIRCOMPANYUK are unique and designed specifically for you. All staircases by are made COMPLETELY TO MEASURE and every component can be customized.

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