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After scouring the internet for the best gingivitis treatment that I could find/notice for my gum disease, I eventually found it! It worked so well for me that I wanted to list it here and try to help others who suffer from this embarrassing disease.

How to reverse receding gums? I have always had problems with my gums, despite flossing, regular brushing and trips to the dentist every six months. I have used all of the treatment such as the special mouthwashes, irrigation’s, antibiotics and I even had a biopsy done. Everything they did convince me more and more that there was no such thing as a gingivitis cure. It had gotten so bad in recent years that I was too embarrassed to go even to the dentist.


Which, of course, made things worse! So, by not continuing the whole dentist cleaning regimen and all of that, it is no longer an option for me. They want to do the “deep cleaning” and say they won’t even do a regular cleaning! Well, before I went to that extreme again, I’ve already done that procedure once, I wanted to see if I could find a better, more natural treatment.

I was at my mind end and was getting tired of the pain and the horrible odor that my breath had. I am so glad that I made that decision!

I had seen it advertised on TV and thought, what the heck, I’ll try it. So, I ordered it, and it arrived in the mail super fast. I tore it out of the package and put it on my gums on the spot! The results were amazing! My gums stopped bleeding and hurting within a few days and my bad breath left with those symptoms too! I just rubbed a few drops on my gums more than a few times a day, and the outcome was just astounding! My dentist thought I went to see another dentist get a treatment.