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Strategic Importance Of Tool Steels For Machinery

The tool Steels group is comprised of low and medium steel, carbon content, are very satisfactory where strength and other requirements are not too severe. It is also present within this group alloyed steels which provide a greater number of benefits including:

  • Increase hardenability.
  • Improve resistance to common temperatures.
  • To improve the mechanical properties.
  • Improve the toughness.
  • Increase wear resistance, corrosion resistance among others.

The machinery steels are generally low alloy steels used in the construction or repair of machinery.

Tool steel

Applications: Steels machinery as the name implies, are for many applications, however some parts commonly made from these types of steels are: Axles, Gears, Guides, endless screws, bushings, screws, Pines, Stamps, Rodos, etc..

Tool Steels

Tool steels are carbon steels or alloy that can be hardened or tempered and used to work and shape various materials used in engineering as metals, plastics and wood.

These types of steel must have a number of properties, such as:

  • High hardness.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • Adequate strength for working materials.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Added reason life / cost
  • Ability to be formed or machined into the desired shape of the tool.

Tool steels are a relatively small percentage of the total steel production. But have enormous strategic importance, as tools are essential to manufacture or produce all the elements or objects used in our economy, or just everyday life components. Some of the applications of these steels include drills, cutting or shearing blades, given to deep drawing, extrusion dice, and cutting tools (machining). One of the systems used to classify them is the American Iron & Steel Institute, AISI, which classifies them according to their composition, mild method, type of application and special features.